About Trinity Treasure Safe

The Trinity Treasure Safe is the digital safe of the future. It holds a very important algorithm matrix designed by Master Siew Li to enhance personal wealth performance. It also offers seamless digital payment in Singapore and China, riding upon powerful partnerships between UnionPay International, Aleta Planet and Master SiewLi. This enables users to effortlessly choose from a wide array of trusted merchants around the world.

Along with being a user-centric virtual platform for seamless digital payment, riding upon powerful partnerships, the auspicious symbolic digital safe also ushers in prosperity in wealth, wellness and wisdom to all its subscribed users.

While the initial focus is on Singapore and China, service expansion plans target another 15 countries by 2022. These include Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Dubai, Cambodia, France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Indonesia, India.

“Trinity is about bringing family together to build family treasures to achieve success abundance for generations to come.”
Master SiewLi
Singapore's Leading Master Guide

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