Space Design and Life Plan Consultation

US$100,800 / SG$131,800

8-hour session of site audit 

6-hour one-on-one consultation via video call or in-person

Return air ticket and accommodation

Space Planning is about your living environment – both the interior and exterior space design, harnessing prosperity in Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom.

Space has a living DNA that can stimulate “What you see”, “What you touch”, “What you sense”, “What you hear” and “What you connect with”.

Your living space can influence your personal advancements and your life. Energies from your surroundings will affect mankind living in this area.

To Space Plan is to map your home or office, know how to communicate with the space and be mindful of it.

Master SiewLi Space Design and Life Plan Consultation comprises of a set of actions & skills from East and West to achieve Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom, as well as gain life satisfaction and balance.

Master SiewLi Space Design and Life Plan Consultation includes:

  • Calculate the flow of energies of the space of your home or office, find the patterns of where, when & how to facilitate good & bad energies flow & and move in the space
  • Define or create the wealth performance in your space, hence creating excellent financial performance for every individual in the living space
  • Define & create wellness and harmony in your space, focusing on mental and physical health and happiness in the family or among work colleagues
  • Define & create thoughts & wisdom in your space, focusing on education and learning abilities

Master SiewLi also teaches you how to love your home or work energies, finding and creating the best house or office. Live better, feel happy – creating successful abundance.  

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