As a destiny guide, I map people life, fix their problem, improve and activate their destiny.

Yeo SiewLi

Principal Master Guide

About SiewLi

Principal Master Guide in Metaphysics, Bazi & Feng Shui

SiewLi is Singapore’s leading Metaphysics, Bazi and Feng Shui Master Guide, with almost 40 years of practising experience, uniquely integrating the essence of Eastern and Western metaphysics. Starting with her own family members as her first few customers, SiewLi has clocked a remarkable 100,000 client consultations through her years of practice and experience.

Having grown up in a big and humble family where her father had to work very hard to put food on the table, SiewLi was determined to understand the curious workings of life and destiny, and how this could be improved.

SiewLi started palm-reading in her teenage years and continued her studies in Feng Shui, Bazi, and palm-reading from many renowned masters in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore while continuing to hone her practice. Along her journey, she also encountered and studied with other Eastern and Western metaphysics masters in various traditions and teachings. While often thought of as separate fields, SiewLi realised that Eastern and Western metaphysics, Feng Shui and Bazi, share many synergies and together hold the keys to unlocking the greatest potential of each person’s life. She has distilled these practices and captured their essences in her method of algorithmic Feng Shui which she practises alongside the more traditional and symbolic forms.

Over the years, SiewLi has trained many associate masters, and her apprenticeship as well as Life Plan and Mindfulness Healing programmes and classes are well-sought after and -reviewed by learners and clients in Singapore and the region.  

More recently, SiewLi collaborated with Aleta Planet to launch the first-of-its-kind Trinity Treasure Safe virtual card. Powered by UnionPay International, the Trinity Treasure Safe is an auspicious virtual safe with algorithms that usher in wealth, wellness, and wisdom to all its users, combined with the ease and convenience of local and international digital payments.

SiewLi’s foray into bespoke jewellery design with unique algorithm matrix symbols and good luck charm has been a phenomenal success since its inception – her jewellery and charms are known to fly off the shelves within weeks of each new stock arrival. SiewLi is also the founder and creator of Food for the Soul, an exclusive auspicious range of energetically boosted rose essential oil, rose water and scented candles.

Her modern technique of Feng Shui analysis takes into consideration the aesthetics and existing construct of the premises, making it a unique blend of modern day minimalism and ancient art of Feng Shui.

Her impressive clientele ranges from senior executives, business leaders, property developers, government officials, politicians, celebrities, entertainers to artistes from Singapore and overseas. SiewLi’s unique Metaphysical, Bazi and Feng Shui knowledge and application on businesses, properties and projects including international hotel chains, vacation resorts, banks, blue-chip companies, insurance agencies, factories and even warehouses, have made her a well-sought after Master Guide in Asia Pacific.

Customers reviews

What are people saying?

It is a different experience from my previous encounters with other masters. SiewLi has an amazing personality and her advice and guidance has helped my family over the years.
Coleman Lim
Being a Feng Shui Master is not just a job to her. She is very passionate about how she practices her art, passionate about rediscovering life’s journey with you. She makes it personal and heartfelt.
Alex & Susan
Consulting Feng Shui Master SiewLi has improved not only my life but my family’s as well. You discover that she is more than just someone who gives you advice. She is a friend and a confidant.
When I began pursuing the maiden projects in my line of business, I faced a lot of obstacles. Through SiewLi’s consultation, things became so much better. It worked out so well.
Gary Gan

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