TTS Fees & Charges

Account Pricing Singapore Residents
registered via MyInfo
Non-Singapore Residents
registered via Passport
1. Deposit fee    
1.1 PayNow (in SGD) Waived Waived
1.2 Bank transfer
Any bank fees for domestic
and international transfers
are to be borne by the clients.
Waived Waived
1.3 UnionPay credit / debit cards 2.8% 2.8%
2. Membership Fees    
Lifetime membership fee S$68 US$48
3. Annual fee    
Annual Fee S$38 US$28
4. Account Replacement Fee    
Account Replacement Fee Free for the first replacement
S$10 for subsequent replacements
Free for the first replacement
US$10 for subsequent replacements
5. Fund Return Fee    
Clients may request to return
their deposit amount (in full or
partial) back to their designated
accounts, for both domestic
and international.

In addition, any bank charges
are to be borne by the clients.
Free for one return
per month
S$10 for each return
processed thereafter
US$10 for each return processed
6. Funds transfer fee    
Funds transfer to other Aleta
Planet accounts
Free Free
7. Remittance fee    
Remittance to UnionPay
accounts (including China)
2% (min SGD5 / USD5, max 
SGD40 / USD40 when remitting
SGD / USD respectively)
2% (min SGD5 / USD5, max 
SGD40 / USD40 when remitting
SGD / USD respectively)
8. Foreign currency transactions
(where your transaction
currency differs from the account
billing currency)
International processing fee 1.8% 3%
9. Lost / stolen card liability    
Limited liability if the device
storing your AP-1 Account is lost,
stolen, suspected of unauthorised
use, or someone knows your PIN.
S$100 US$100


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